The Prospect Old Church Association is working to sustain and enhance of the community of Prospect Village and its cultural heritage. The key element of the Plan is the purchase, restoration and financially sustainable operation of the church and hall.

As the heart and soul of Prospect, the buildings will be welcoming spaces that provide the social opportunities that are essential to the health and vibrancy of any community. Places where young and old can congregate to celebrate life events, socialize and support one another.

A church with a view

Meeting and work spaces will also be available to support new local economic development initiatives. Additionally, the property includes about three acres of beautiful coastal terrain that could support a variety of environmentally sustainable eco-tourism initiatives.

Our Goals:

●     To purchase the church and hall property in Prospect Village

●     To improve and restore the church and church hall

●     To maintain strong community support

●     To host events, programs and activities

●     To generate income and charitable donations for the ongoing maintenance and operation of the church & hall

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