The 20th century could be called the century of war, but then again most of the last three hundred years have been full of conflict. During the 1900s we saw the two great wars of 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. These wars were like no others the world had seen. In WWI we saw the introduction of chemical warfare through the use of Mustard gas in the fields of France. WWII ushered in the nuclear age as atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

In both wars, large numbers of young men went to fight on the European and Pacific fronts, some never having come back. This page lists the names of the men and women from Prospect who went to serve for King and Empire. In both wars we fought Germany, the first world war we fought the Kaiser, then Hitler and the Nazis. Prospectors fought in both wars on land, air and sea. We also cannot forget the nurses who served by caring for the sick and wounded.

If anyone has any pictures or information about their Prospect relatives who served in either war, please let me know and I will add their information.

The WWI Attestation Papers are now available online, via the National Archives of Canada. Please click on the names of the people listed below to view these papers.

World War I

Name Birth date Information
William Beck 15 August 1885 Father: Edward Beck
Bernard Joseph Christian 15 May 1887 Father: George Christian
James Oswald Christian 3 July 1885 Mother: Mary Ann Christian
John Christian 9 February 1882 Mother: P.J. Christian
Parker Christian 31 December 1896 Mother: Mary Ellen Christian
John William Clancey Unknown Was part of the musical group the DUMB-BELLS
Anastasia Coolen 30 April 1896 Father: Joseph Coolen
David Coolen 8 August 1893 Father: Joseph Coolen
Mary Ellen Coolen 14 March Father: Joseph Coolen
Patrick Coolen 26 August 1893 Mother: Annie Coolen
Walter Burton Joseph Coolen 26 July 1897 Listed as being born in Lynn, Massachusetts. Father: William Clarence.
Arthur Reginald Meehan 7 November 1894 Father: Thomas Raymond Meehan
Daniel Frederick Merlin Unknown Mother: Emma (Christian) Merlin

World War II

Name Birth date Information
Don Christian 22 November 1925 Father: Louis Christian. Was en route to Texas for training when peace was declared.
Gordon Christian 12 April 1922 Father: Louis Christian
Harold Garfield Clancey 1920 Died 19 October 1940 when ship Bras D'Or sank. Father: John William Clancy
Leonard Clancey 1924 Father: John William Claney
John Clancy Jr. Unknown Father: John William Clancy
David Owen Doherty 20 March 1907 Father: Joseph Doherty
Douglas Doherty Unknown Father: Raymond Doherty
James Doherty Unknown Father: Raymond Doherty
Raymond Doherty Jr. Unknown Father: Raymond Doherty Sr.
George Earl Hardiman Unknown Aircraft pilot. Father: Charles Hardiman
Michael Hardiman Unknown None
Bernard Kiley 1917 Father: John Kiley
Carl Kiley 1920 Father: Sherman Kiley
Gyrth Kiley 1921 Father: John Kiley
Murray Kiley Unknown Father: Jerome Kiley
Victor Kiley 29 January 1918 Father: Sherman Kiley
Gerald Mason Unknown None
Bernard Mason Unknown None
Allen Joseph Meehan 12 June 1921 Father: William Meehan
Earl White Unknown None