The Prospect Old Church Association (POCA) is a group of enthusiastic people committed to keeping the church and hall available for community use. We want to create a social and cultural space that respects the past while contributing to the future.

But we need your help to do it.

The village of Prospect and its surrounding area was settled over 250 years ago, and today stands a testament to the hard work and stamina of its original settlers and the generations that followed. However, with the closure of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in July 2014, the community faces the possibility that the church and adjacent hall could be sold and potentially demolished. You can help prevent that, and help contribute to a re-invention of a community space.

The historic church steeple looks out over prospect village

The church and hall hold a place dear to the hearts of many - young and old, living near and far. We see this important piece of community infrastructure to be more than a place of religious worship. The church and hall are the heart and soul of the community, a place where we have all come together to socialize, to interact and to carry on the traditions of our community.

We feel that in order for Prospect and the surrounding area to continue to thrive for another 250 years, we need to maintain this important place for the benefit of the broader community - just as it has served for the benefit of the religious community in the area since 1794.

A view of the church and hall from the water's edge.

The buildings are not grand, but they have always been home to the celebrations of life and love that continuously bind our community together. Today, they represent an opportunity to secure the health and vibrancy of our community.

Though a community is defined by its people and not its buildings, the church and hall represent the last places for us to gather with our neighbours. We believe that the maintenance of these important cultural and community spaces is vital to the continued success of our home -- and we have some exciting plans for the future that builds on our past.

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Help preserve this piece of our cultural history -- and transform it in a new place of gathering that looks to the future while respecting the past.

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The current members of Prospect Old Church Association's Board of Directors are:

  • Amy Hockin
  • John Charles
  • Laura O'Hearn
  • Nathaniel Smith
  • Sean Kelly

Past Directors:

  • Barry Coolen
  • Teresa Thomas