Documents of Historic and Genealogical Importance

The following pages contain original or transcribed documents that have historic or genealogical importance to the Prospect area. They include census records, school records, business directories and tax assessment records. These documents capture the village and its residents at a specific time and place. They were created by government or directly by the hands of Prospectors themselves.

Business/Community Directories

Annual business and community directories were the precursor of the telephone book were and started being published for the City of Halifax and occasionally for communities throughout Nova Scotia starting in the 1860s. The following are transcriptions of the various directories that are available for this period:

School Records

As school was established at Prospect as early as 1828. Unfortunately a lot of the records associated with the school have been lost. The following are examples of some of the records that have been maintained at the Nova Scotia Archives in RG 14.

Transcribed by Anna MacDonald (offsite: Halifax County Genweb) - note: has taken Rootsweb down, where the Halifax County Genweb site is located, and has not provided a timeline that would see the website and its content restored. The links below take you to the archives version of the website on the WayBackMachine.

Transcribed by the Prospect Genealogical Wesbite

Tax Assessment Rolls

Every year the people of Halifax County had their real property assessed, much like today, and a tax was levied on their property. In Prospect for the years 1891-1947 these tax assessment records are available. These records not only show the approximate wealth of the heads of households in Prospect, but they are a good genealogical tool to help us pin point who was living in the village at any one time. These records are also helpful because they contain the remarks of the tax collector and in some cases note that someone has removed to another location, "Gone to Halifax," or has died since the last collection of taxes, "Died in 1892". 

The can be viewed at the Halifax Regional Municipality Archives but were once available on microfilm at the Nova Scotia Archives in RG 35, series 'A' - Halifax County Assessment Records.

Halifax County Assessment Records
Volume Location Year
Vol. 22 #45-51 Dover 1891-1901
Vol. 24 #33-59 Dover 1894-1917
Vol. 25 #1-43 Dover 1918-1932
Vol. 35 #42 Lower Prospect 1845
Vol. 66 #24-50 Prospect (includes Upper Prospect & Shad Bay) 1902-1918
Vol. 66 #51-60 Prospect 1919-1922
Vol. 67 #1-53 Prospect 1923-1944
Vol. 68 #1-6 Prospect & Terence Bay 1945-1947
Vol. 68 #7-9 Prospect & Terence Bay 1947-1949
Vol. 69 #64-71 Terence Bay 1902-1908
Vol. 70 #1-63 Terence Bay 1909-1937
Vol. 71 #22-30 Upper Prospect 1893-1901

When taxes were issued by the municipality, much like today, residents got a tax bill outlining how much they paid. Prospect was notorious for withholding its taxes for political reasons and pops up a number of times in the Halifax County Council minutes as being a particularly hard place to collect taxes. A number of these tax bills have survived and are shown below:

Probate Records

The Last Testament and Will of many of the residents of the Prospect area have been preserved and are available for researchers at the Nova Scotia Archives in record group (RG) 48. Below is a listing of all identified wills available at the Nova Scotia Archives. Some of the wills have been transcribed and can be downloaded.

Vol. 09, 1871-1886

Name Location Date Proved Page
Coolen, James Shad Bay 21 February 1882
Duggan, James Upper Prospect 22 September 1873
Duggan, Michael Prospect 31 July 1884 576
Fawson, John Upper Prospect 21 December 1885
Hearn, James Upper Prospect 19 December 1871

Vol. 10, 1886-1892

Name Location Date Proved Page
Brennan, Alice Prospect Bay 23 November 1888 321, 322
Christian, John Sr. Up. Prospect 15 December 1887 133,134
Stone, Thomas Lr. Prospect 24 September 1888 285

Vol. 11, 1892-1897

Name Location Date Proved Page
Christian, William Up. Prospect 12 July 1892 130
Coolen, James Prospect 16 February 1897 693
Coolen, Charles Shad Bay 14 October 1893 423
Knickle, Margaret Up. Prospect 17 December 1895 567
Redmond, James T. Shad Bay 21 March 1895 481
Ryan, Dennis Lr. Prospect 30 August 1894 425
Toler, Peter George Prospect Road 5 June 1893 259

Vol. 12, 1897-1904

Name Location Date Proved Page
Beck, Edward Up. Prospect 9 April 1904 697
Beck, Henry Terrence Bay 21 October 1901 436
Duggan, William Shad Bay 21 August 1896 530
Gaul, Patrick Prospect Bay 15 August 1899 226
Redmond, David T. Shad Bay 6 January 1903 571
Walsh, Edward Up. Prospect 9 June 1902 510

Vol. 13, 1904-1909

Name Location Date Proved Page
Redmund, David D Shad Bay 19 May 1906 261
Redmund, Lawrence George Shad Bay 2 and 5 March 1909 644
Redmund, Thomas Shad Bay 11 September 1888 (1906) 353

Vol. 14, 1909-1915

Name Location Date Proved Page
Buchanan, Sarah Isabel Up. Prospect 13 December 1911 250
Power, Maurice Up. Prospect 11 January 1912 244

Vol. 15, 1915-1919

Name Location Date Proved Page
Duggan, Francis Up. Prospect 12 June 1918 497
Merlin, Daniel Up. Prospect 23 February 1916 197,198

Vol. 16, 1919-1925

Name Location Date Proved Page
Christian, Mary Cornelia Up. Prospect 19 August 1924 735
Coolen, David Shad Bay 5 May 1921 281
Duggan, Henry Prospect 14 May 1921 284
Duggan, Patrick A. Prospect 20 December 1921 350
Walsh, William Prospect 18 November 1924 774

Vol. 17, 1925-1929

Name Location Date Proved Page
Doherty, Peter Up. Prospect 21 or 22 May 1928 608
Doherty, James Prospect 14 November 1928 685
Duggan, Nathan Prospect 20 April 1926 238

Vol. 18, 1929-1931

Name Location Date Proved Page
Christian, William H. White's Lake 6 September 1929 85
Ryan, Francis Lr. Prospect 3 January 1930 113