Photo day has always been a special occasion in the life of children. Prospect is no exception. The following are photos taken of children at Prospect's school which was at one point was taught by a teacher but eventually overseen by the Sisters of Charity. Our Lady of Mount Carmel School closed in 1958 when the school division was merged sending children to Shad Bay for lessons.

Class Picture, ca. 1916

The following people have been identified to date, left to right

Front row: Josephine Christian, Nell Christian, unknown, unknown, Jack Christian, Viola or Esther Christian, Hilda Christian, Marian Beck.

Second row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Michael Christian, George Coolen, unknown, unknown, Ethel Warren, Mabel Duggan.

Third Row: unknown, unknown, unknown, David Doherty

Rest of the children are unknown

Class Picture, ca. 1927

The following people have been identified left to right

Front row: Norbert Hardiman, Carl Kiley, Victory Kiley, Howard Christian.

Middle row: Kay (Christian) Goulding, Helen (McDonald) Duggan, Clair Hardiman, Winnie (Beck) White, Margaret (Kelly) Scott.

Back row: Murray Kiley, Ray Doherty, Bernard Kiley, Nell (Christian) Stevens, Catherine (Hardiman) Auger.

Contributed by Olive (Christian) Ryan.

Class Picture, ca. 1934

The following people have been identified left to right

Front row: Bruce Christian, Betty Clancey, George Coolen, Weldon Coolen

Second row: Olive Christian, Victor Hardiman, Florence Christian, Marian Hardiman, Grace Williams, Frances Kiley, Helen Clancey, Alice White.

Third row: Harold Clancey, Jim Hardiman, Dick Hardiman, Don Christian, Florence Hardiman, Eva Christian, Edna Christian, Gyrth Kiley

Back row: Milton White, George Hardiman, Doug Doherty, Jim Doherty, Leonard Clancey, Gordon Christian, Michael Hardiman, Gerald Hardiman.

Contributed by Olive (Christian) Ryan.

Class Picture, ca. 1936

The following people have been identified left to right.

Front row: Richard Hardiman (standing), Clem White, Laurie Christian, Jack Coolen, Clarence Christian, Bernard Mason, Harold Hardiman and Ken Kiley.

Middle row: Margaret Hardiman, Helen Hardiman, Thelma Christian, Jacquelin Preston, Elizabeth Whelly or Veronica Duggan.

Back row: Bruce Christian, Esther Hardiman, Weldon Coolen, Gerald Mason, Nell Doherty, Betty Clancey, Florence Christian, Jack Shea.


Class Picture, ca. 1937

The following people have been identified left to right:

Front row: Michael Hardiman, Victor Hardiman, Florence Hardiman, Marion Hardiman, France Kiley, Eva Christian, Edna Christian, Donald Christian, Leonard Christian.

Back row: Gordon Christian, Doug Doherty, Jim Doherty, Olive Christian, Alice White, Helen Clancey, Dick Hobin, Gerald Hardiman.

Contributed by Olive (Christian) Ryan

School children ca. 1940


Adult Learners, ca. 1940

This picture shows the 1940 class of the evening technical schools which were put on through the extension services of the Department of Education.

Front row: Louella Duggan, Dot (Hardiman) Christian, Mary Kiley, Sister Mary Claire, Blanche Christian, Marian Doherty, Dot Barry.

Back row: Catherine Hardiman, Florence Hobin, Alice White, Helen Clancey, Lydia Christian, Elizabeth Coppin, Olive Preston, Elizabeth Whelley, Anastastia (Coolen) Doherty, Olive Christian.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

Diploma, Evening Technical School, 1940

Upon completion of their lessons the women were awarded diploma's outlining their skills in various subjects. 

Diploma, Evening Technical School, 1940

See above.

Class Picture, ca. 1941

The following individuals were identified left to right:

Front row: Joan Duggan, Thomas White, Anna Christian, Louise Doherty.

Middle row: Ronnie Duggan, Ken Kiley, John Owen Kiley, Patrick Christian.

Back row: Thelma Christian, Clement White, Veronica Duggan, Clarence Christian, Jacqueline Preston, Helen Hardiman, Elizabeth Whelly, Kathleen Doherty, Laurie Christian, Edward Duggan, Anna Hardiman, Jack Coolen, Alfred White, Bernadine Christian.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

Class Picture, ca. 1943

The following individuals have been identified left to right:

Front row: Esther Hardiman, Harold Hardiman, Thelma and Clarence Christian, Elizabeth Whelly, Clement White, Helen Hardiman, Bernadine Christian, Bernard Mason, Laurie Christian.

Back row: Bruce Christian, Margaret Hardiman, Nell Doherty, Betty Clancey, Jim Hardiman, Florence Christian, Jack Shea, Dick Hardiman, Gerald Mason.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

Home & School Association, ca. 1960

When the school at Prospect was closed at the end of the school year in 1958 the children were bused to Shad Bay where they attended the brand new consolidated elementary school - Atlantic Memorial Elementary.

This photo shows the first home & school association for the new school. The only person identified second from left in the back row is Marian Doherty