Percival Beck and George Coolen Sr. 

This picture was taken in 1951 at the wedding of Weldon and Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen. George Coolen was the father of Weldon Coolen and Perc Beck was the uncle of Kathleen Doherty. 

George Coolen, b. 22 April 1903, d. 22 March 1972, s/o John Clement and Clarissa (Merlin) Coolen and Percival Beck, b. 8 April 1906, d. 24 April 1982, s/o Thomas and Clemence (Christian) Beck.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

Tud Christian, Joe Doherty and Lou White

This picture shows from left to right Everett "Tud" Christian, Joseph Doherty and Louis White.

Everett "Tud" Christian, b. 15 January 1880, s/o Patrick W. and Susan (Johnson) Christian; Joseph Doherty, b. 3 November 1961, d. 21 February 1937, s/o Peter and Mary Ann (Fawson) Doherty; and Louis White, b. ca. 1889, d. 16 October 1972, s/o Joseph and Ellen (Hardiman) White.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

William "Billy" Smith

William Smith was born in Prospect in 1858 and was known locally as Billy. He lived his life as a bachelor working as a fisherman. Billy lived to be 101 years old and was a devout Catholic. In his later years, after the church bell was installed, Billy was in charge of ringing the bell which he did until his death.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen

William "Billy" Smith

Another photo of Billy Smith, this time reading a newspaper. This was from a clipping from the local newspaper on the occassion of his birthday and his advanced age.

Contributed by Louise (Doherty) Christian


Old Spike Shea, Hattie Shea, Charlie Wee Wee and Olive Christian

This picture shows from L-R John "Old Spike" Shea, Hattie Shea and Charles "Wee Wee" Christian with Olive Christian being held by Old Spike.

Charles Sumner "Wee wee" Christian, b. 7 May 1875, d. 1949, s/o Nicholas P. and Margaret Ross (McGuire) Christian; Olive Christian, b. 1921 was his daughter.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.

Marian Beck, William Beck and Josephine Christian

This picture shows L-R Marian Beck, William "Billy" Beck and Josephine Christian.

Marian Beck, b. 1908, d. 1994 and William Beck, b. 1904, c/o Thomas and Clemence (Christian) Beck; Josephine Christian, d/o Louise and Ann (Coolen) Christian

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen

Group of People, ca. 1920s

This photo is a group of seven people whose identities are unknown though it was recorded on the back of the photo that the following people are in the photo: Ned Barry and his wife Dot Christian; Charles Christian and his wife Mary Ann Benning; Duncan and Gerald Christian and his wife Alice.

Contributed by Louise (Doherty) Christian

Garfield Noonan and Al and Olive Duggan

This photo shows Garfield Noonan, s/o Dennis and Johanna (Duggan) Noonan and Alfred "Al" Duggan and his wife Olive Christian, d/o Charles and Mary Ann (Benning) Christian. After the death of Alfred Duggan Olive married a man named Joe Ball. 

Contributed by Olive (Christian) Ryan

Edmund Morris, MP visits Prospect

This picture shows MP Edmund Morris visiting Prospect sometime in the late 1950s. 

Front row from L-R: Scott Beck, Gyrth Kiley, Victor Kiley, Joe Walsh, Albert "Bun" Duggan, Edmond Morris, Mary Shea, William Beck, Charles Hardiman, Earl Duggan, Hattie Shea (with granddaughter), Jack "Young Spike" Shea, Gerald Hardiman

Back row L-R: Gerald Ryan, unknown, Jack Kiley, John Owen Kiley, unknown.

Contributed by Kathleen (Doherty) Coolen.


Ethel Warren and Kay Pelham

Nothing is currently known about these two individuals other than they were connected to Prospect. This photo was taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Contributed by Alice Kiley


Group of People, ca. 1930s

This photo shows a group of people sitting outside of one of the houses in Prospect, likely on the Lane or Cove Road.

Front row L-R: Parker Christian and wife, Bill Wagner and Alfred "Bun" Duggan"

Second Row L-R: Dick Duggan and John Edgar Walsh

Third Row L-R: Bridget Hardiman, Jack Hardiman, unknown, Reginald Coolen.

The identities of the two people sitting in the very back are in the door way are unknown. Contributed by Alice Kiley.


May (Christian) Drysdale and Frances (Hardiman) Duggan

This picture shows May (Christian) Drysdale, d/o Charles D. and Mary Ellen (Reyno) Christian, and Frances Hardiman, d/o James H. and Ellen (Knickle) Hardiman who married Michael Duggan.

Contributed by Michael Duggan, son of Frances.


Mary (Merlin) Duggan and others

This photo shows Mary Merlin, b. 6 March 1855, d/o Daniel and Emma (Murphy) Merlin and wife of Michael Duggan with John Rogers (left) who was the husband of Ada Duggan the grand daughter of Mary.

The woman standing next to Mary Merlin is Rita Rogers Smith and the gentleman behind Mary is Rita's husband Bill Smith.

Contributed by Michael Duggan, grandson.



Ella Hardiman, Kate Hardiman, Bess Hardiman and Dot Christian

Ella (Knickle) Hardiman (sitting in chair), b. 30 March 1864, m. James H. Hardiman.

Kate (Coppin) Hardiman (standing left), d/o David and Elizabeth (McGuire) Coppin and wife of James O. Hardiman

Bess Hardiman (sitting on ground) was the daughter of Ella (Knickle) Hardiman and so was Dot (Hardiman) Christian who was the wife of Herbert Christian. 

Contributed by Louise (Doherty) Christian


Ella (Knickle) Hardiman and Catherine (Merlin) Kiley

Catherine (Merlin) Kiley, b. 15 April 1853, d. 8 February 1930, d/o Jerome and Elizabeth (Coolen) Merlin, m. John Kiley.

Ella (Knickle) Hardiman, b. 30 March 1864, wife of James H. Hardiman.

Contributed by Michael Duggan. 


Bun Duggan, Dick Duggan and James Hardiman

Back row L-R: unknown, Bun Duggan, whose real name was Albert Duggan, s/o Michael and Mary (Merlin) Duggan.

Front row L-R: James Hardiman, b. 15 July 1855, s/o Thomas and Dorcas (Christian) Hardiman. James' daughter married Dick Duggan, s/o Michael  and Mary (Merlin) Duggan. 

Contributed by Michael Duggan, son of Dick Duggan. 


Rita (Scott) Kiley, Alice (Dundan) Kiley and Helen (McDonald) Duggan

This picture shows the wives of Carl and Victor Kiley and St. Claire Duggan. Carl, Victor and St. Claire were all first cousins as their mothers were sisters. Rita Scott was married t Carl, Alice Dundan was married to Victor and Helen McDonald married St. Claire.

Contributed by Bernard Duggan


School Picnic, ca. early 1960s

This picture shows a group at a school picnic in the early 1960s.

Front row L-R: Shirley Duggan, Jovita (Doherty) Slaunwhite, Ellen (White) Ryan and Nancy Ryan.

Front row L-R: Janis Coolen and Clarissa Coolen.

Contributed by the late Molly (Coolen) White


Archbishop O'Donnell with other priests, ca. 1932

This picture shows Archbishop O'Donnell (centre with hat) with other priests at the Consecration of St. Joseph's Church at Shad Bay, 24 July 1932. L-R: unknown, Father Granville, Father John Burns, Unknown, Archbishop O'Donnell, Father Somers, Father John Lanigan, unknown, Father John Mahar.

Contributed by the late Molly (Coolen) White.