Alexander Duggan and family, ca. 1912

This picture shows the family of Alexander Duggan and family, L-R: Agnes (b. 9 October 1890), Earl (b. 13 February 1896), Charles (b. 10 April 1898), Arnold (b. 23 January 1894), Alexander (b. 14 August 1859), Beatrice (b. 15 January 1889).

Alexander and most of his children were born at East Dover, N.S. but the family relocated to Halifax in the mid 1890s.

Contributed by the Eric Duggan

Mabel (Duggan) Ryan

This picture shows a young Mabel Duggan, daughter of Owen Duggan.

Contributed by Alice Kiley.


Hilda and St. Claire Duggan

This picture shows Hilda Duggan, d/o Nathan and Margaret Minette (Mason) Duggan and wife of Michael Duggan, s/o Michael and Mary (Merlin) Duggan and her son St. Claire Duggan.

Contributed by Alice Kiley

Annie (Meehan) and Sydney Duggan

Lawrence Sydney Duggan (1876-1951) and his wife Annie Helena Meehan, d/o Samuel and Emma (Doherty) Meehan.

Contributed by Ed Rogers, grandson.


Annie (Meehan) Duggan and Ada Duggan

This picture shows Annie (Meehan) Duggan wife of Lawrence Sydney Duggan and her daughter Ada Duggan. The woman on the right hand side of the image was likely Annie's sister Hilda Meehan. This photo was taken on 15 July 1929.

Contributed by Michael Duggan


St. Claire Duggan with children

This picture shows St. Claire Duggan with Joan Duggan, d/o Earl Duggan. The two are holding St. Claire's daughter Marguerite and Joan's sister Shirley.

Contributed by Bernard Duggan.


Earl Duggan

This picture shows Earl Duggan, s/o Nathan and Margaret Minnette (Mason) Duggan, b. 27 November 1902.

Contributed by Bernard Duggan.


Duggans and Redmonds

This picture was taken at White's Lake in about 1952 on the stoop of the Duggan cottage. Front row L-R: Margaret Catherine (Meehan) Duggan, her husband Daniel McGuire Duggan and on the back row Nora Rebecca (Walsh) Redmond and her husband William Arthur Redmond.

Contributed by Jerry Redmond


Johanna Duggan

This is a picture of Johanna (White) Duggan the wife of John Duggan. This picture was taken at White's Lake ca. 1942.

Contributed by Jerry Redmond.



Kitty, Daniel, Joanna and Evangeline Duggan.

This picture shows L-R: Kitty Duggan, Joanna (White) Duggan,  Evangeline Mary Duggan and her father Daniel McGuire Duggan.

Kitty Duggan was the daughter of Joanna (White) Duggan and at the time of this photo in 1939 she was working as a nurse in New York. Evangeline was also a nurse and also worked in New York.

Contributed by Jerry Redmond.