Church Bell of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Prospect

The great bell of the former Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at Prospect, Nova Scotia was manufactured in Troy, New York by the Meneely Bell Company in 1928. There are two inscriptions on the bell, both of which are in latin and transcribed below. 

The inscription reads: Invocation to Mary. Be, Oh Mother, our solace; Be, thou virgin, our joy; and after this exile, unite us as joyful ones to the choirs of heaven. Pastor: John James Lanigan.

The transcription above reads: This bell, in memory of James M. Power, was donated by his wife Cecilia Power. Blessed by the Most Rev. Edward J. McCarthy, Archbishop of Halifax in the year of our Lord 1928 the third of June. To the greater glory of God.

James Michael and Cecilia Frances Power

James Michael Power (4 January 1964 - 5 January 1928), s/o Richard and Susan (O'Connor) Power married Cecilia Frances Power (17 April 1864 - 23 July 1930), d/o John and Mary Jane (White) Power at Boston, Massachusetts on 10 October 1895.

Cecilia Power's family moved from Prospect to Boston when she was a child and at the time of her marriage she was working in Boston as a tailoress. After their marriage James and Cecilia relocated back to Halifax where James operated a liquor store. During prohibition James was granted the status "legal vendor" and was able to sell liquor only if prescribed by doctors.

James M. Power was also well known for his love of baseball. He was given the name "Shorty Power". James would go on to umpire for the Halifax Wanderers baseball club a position he held for 29 years. It is said that he attended every World Series baseball game until just before his death in 1928. At the time of his death Cecilia commissioned the bell that would eventually be placed in the belfry of the church in Prospect as a tribute to their long and successful marriage, as well as paying respects to the village where her family established itself and lived for many decades.

James M. and Cecilia would have seven children: Mary Cecilia (1897); Mary Claire (1898); Mary Susie (1899; Mary Elizabeth (1901; Mary Pauline (1903; Edward Francis (1904); and Mary Helen (1906). Their descendants still live in Halifax as well as Montreal, Ottawa under surnames such as Power, Skinner, Fry, Fox and Penny.