Surname Registry

The Prospect Surname Registry is a place where you can find other people around the world or even next door who are also looking for their family in Prospect. To submit a surname please e-mail all submissions to Nat Smith . In the body of your email please include your full name, e-mail address as well as the surname you are researching, and the dates of your research. Please only submit names that are from Prospect.

Prospect surnames
Surname Submitter Dates
Barber Raymond Derouin 1850-1880
Blackburn Lark Blackburn
Blackburn Mary Sandy
Buchanan/Bohanan Theresa Scratch 1800+
Bowman Bonnie Paupst
Brophy Arlene Mills 1790-1850
Brophy Paula Round
Burke Joyce Burke 1800+
Christian Gary Merrill 1800+
Christian Elizabeth Merrick 1749-2001
Clancey/Clancy Brenda Keddy 1749-2001
Clancey/Clancy Paula Round
Coolen Brenda Keddy 1749-2001
Coolen Paula Round
Coppin Nat Smith 1800-2001
Cosgrove Theresa Scratch 1855+
Doherty Tim Millar 1800-1900
Drysdale Hugh Borden 1786-2001
Duggan Ed Rogers 1792-1900
Duggan Mary Clark 1700+
Duggan Theresa Scratch 1825+
Edgar Robert A. Edgar
Fawson Jon McGrath 1800+
Fawson/Foston Sharon Church
Foran Marian Munroe
Graves Peggy Heard
Hearn Kathleen Blomstrom 1700-1900
Hearn Paula Round
Kavanagh Tim Millar 1800+
Kavanagh Mary Sandy 1800+
Keddy Brenda Keddy 1865-1900
Kiely/Kiley Brenda Keddy 1749-2001
Kervick/Kervin/Kerwick Patricia Lewis 1800+
Lacey Marian Munroe
McGrath Jon McGrath 1800+
McGrath Mary Clark 1700+
Martin Brenda Keddy 1749-2001
Mason Theresa Scratch 1800+
Meehan Ed Rogers 1800-1900
Meehan Kim Coolen
Meehan Tim Millar 1800+
Meehan Sharon Church
Merlin Bill Merlin Early 1750s
Millard Helen Millard 1800+
Morash/Moorish/Moreash/Moorash Mariea Spray 1830s
Mullins Raymond Derouin 1800-1900
Mullins Tim Millar 1758+
Mullins Mike Mullins 1700s
Noonan Tim Millar 1800-1900
Norris Mark Wood 1800-2001
Norris Joyce Norris
Power Raymond Derouin 17??-1930
Power Patricia Lewis 1800+
Power Helene Millard 1800+
Saul Mary Sandy 1849+
Shea Mary Sandy
Redmond Peggy Heard
Redmond Mary Sandy
Round Paula Round
Ryan Maria Sylvia Ryan - Ead 1740 to present
Ryan Mary Sandy
Wagner Peggy Heard
Walsh Robert Walsh 1800+
Whalen Patricia Lewis 1800+
Whalen Helene Millard 1800+
White Patricia Lewis 1800+
White Helene Millard 1800+

Surnames of Prospect

The following is a list of all the surnames of the families that lived in Prospect between 1800 and 1901. This list is by no means complete, but it will hopefully act as a guide for those who are doing research in the area. Ideally we would like to be able to provide a page on the history of each family. Unfortunately time and space prohibit this. If you are interested in meeting other people researching a surname please consult the Surname Registry (found below).