Documents of Historic and Genealogical Importance

The following pages contain original or transcribed documents that have historic or genealogical importance to the Prospect area. They include census records, school records, business directories and tax assessment records. These documents capture the village and its residents at a specific time and place. They were created by government or directly by the hands of Prospectors themselves.

Business/Community Directories

The pre-cursor of the telephone book annual business and community directories started being published for the City of Halifax and occassionally for communities throughout Nova Scotia starting in the 1860s. The following are transcriptions of the various directories that are available for this period:

Probate Records

The Last Testament and Will of many of the residents of the Prospect area have been preserved and are available for researchers. Below is a listing of all identified wills available at the Nova Scotia Archives. Some of the wills have been transcribed and can be downloaded

School Records


Tax Assessment Rolls